Sunner India Flexible Shaft Machines consist of Motors, Flexible Shafts. Tool holders and accessories such as Right Angle Attachments, Belt Sanders, and Tool Post Attachments. The Motors are of totally enclosed, fan cooled, squirrel cage induction type rated for continuous operation. The motors have high momentary overload capacity and are of class E insulation.

Sunner India Motors are available for various power outputs and speeds to operate in 400/440 volts, 3 phase supply or 220/230 volts, single phase supply. The models Fera (Seven speeds from 850 to 12000 RPM), Trio (Three speeds 5700 RPM, 8000 RPM, and 12000 RPM), Fettle 150 (5800 RPM), Fas (12000 RPM), Finish (8000 RPM) and Flex (2800 RPM) can be used for grinding, deburring, rust removing, rasping, fettling, buffing, polishing, sanding, die grinding, drilling etc.

Sunner India Machines are portable, light in weight and versatile. The Yoke Mounted Motors have 270° tilt in the vertical plane and 360° swivel in the horizontal plane which along with the hand tools attached to the flexible shafts provide better accessibility to remote and difficult work spots not easily accessible to conventional machines. Thus these machines are ideally suited for improving the productivity and minimising operator fatigue in fabrication yards, fettling and die grinding shops, stainless steel vessels polishing works, construction yards and factories.

Sunner India flexible shafts and Tool holders have the patented sliding connection ‘G’ which enables self regulating adjustment of lengths of inner shafts and their outer casings whenever the shafts are bent while using. This eliminates the axial stresses in the inner shafts and thereby gives longer and trouble free life for the shafts.

The following links contain helpful information for trouble shooting, care and maintainence and selection of machines, shafts and tool holders for various applications. The following links also contain parts catalogue for easy identification of spares required for servicing.