I. Excessive Vibration :

a)Disconnect the shaft and check for true running of the motor shaft without and axial or lateral play.
b)Check for the proper alignment of the end fittings of the shaft
c)If the conditions are satisfied , connect the shaft and run it free for 10 mts. and then connect the tool holder.
d)Excessive greasing will cause vibration. Remove suprlus grease from the shaft.

II. Shaft Getting Heated Up :

a)Check for the true running of the shaft as mentioned above.
b)Damaged outer may be restricting the rotation of the inner. Replace the outer.
c)Inner damaged due to wrong handling and rubbing inside the outer. Replace the inner.
d)Inner unword due to wring direction of rotation. Replace the inner.

III. Shaft Not Rotating :

a)Check for proper fitment at the driving end.
b)End fitting might have come out. Return to the manufacturer for repair.

IV. Not able to mount the tool holder :

a)Ensure proper selection of the tool holder.
b)Ensure that the lengths of inner and outer of the shaft are correct. Otherwise get the assistance of the company representative.

V. General Precautions :

a)Ensure that the shaft is always driven in the correct direction, i.e., Clockwise as seen from the driving end.
b)Do not drag the machine with the help of the shaft.
c)Excessive force on the outer casing or on the inner shaft while disconnecting from motor or toolholder will damage the shaft and affect the length. Avoid execessive force.
d)Periodically remove the inner and lubricate with graphite grease or multipurpose -3 grease to get a better life of the shafts.
e)Do not weld or braze the inner end fittings.
f)The stiffeners are, provided at either ends of the outer casing to prevent exessive bending of the shaft at the ends. Do not apply excessive load on the stiffeners while working.
g)On initial running after regreasing or on fitment of new inner shaft, the inner shaft will beat up heavily for few minutes before settling to run smoothly. Hence run it without the toolholder attachment till the initial vibration settles down and then fix the toolholders.
h)Minimum operating radius for the shafts are:
 10 mm300 mm12 mm360 mm15 mm450 mm
 Do not use or bend shafts in a curve smaller than the specified minimum operating radius,
i)Maximum operating RPMs for the shafts are:
 10 mm12000 mm12 mm8000 mm15 mm6000 mm