I. Excessive Heating:

a)Ensure that the shaft runs smoothly without vibration.
b)Ensure that the Toolholders is not overloaded.
c)Ensure that the bearings are properly lubricated with the correct type of grease.
d)Avoid over application of grease and ensure that no foreign matters are entrapped on the grease.
e)Replace wornout bearings.
f)Check and replace wornout spindle and washers.
g)Ensure that the machine is running at the rated speed.
h)Do not add any attachment other than the attachments recommended by the manufacturer.

II. Excessive Vibration:

a)Check for wornout parts like spindle, bearings and replace them.
b)Do not add any extra attachments which are likely to cause imbalance in the assembly or excessivee load on bearings.
c)Ensure that the grinding media is properly clamped and true running without giving rise of imbalance in assembly.

III. General Precautions:

Do not mount any attachments other than the attachments supplied by the manufacturer.


Sunner India motors, shafts and tool holders should not be used along with those of other makes, the manufacturer will not be responsible for any damages to motors, shafts and tool holders due to use of any of them with the rest of other makes.