S.NoType of machineHPVoltageMotor full load currentStarter Overload Relay Range*Starter Backup Fuse HRC Rating
1)Flex 1001.0400/440 Volts
3 Phase
1.67 Amps1 to 2.5 Amps6 Amps
3)Fas 100
5)Flex 1501.5400/440 Volts
3 Phase
2.5 Amps1.5 to 4 Amps10 Amps
6)Fettle 150
7)Flex U750.75220/230 Volts
Single Phase
4 Amps2 to 6 Amps15 Amps
8)Fas U75

* All Starter Relays must be set for the Rated Full Load Motor Current value.

* Consult the starter manufacturer’s leaflets for the right selection of relay range and backup fuse rating.